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Cookie lovers rejoice! New website features

Hi Cookie lovers & welcome to our new website!

We've had a major overhaul with the aim of making things easier for our customers. We have listened to people's feedback & taken our own experiences on board to improve the website, so here's a quick run through of the changes:


It could be confusing for people when trying to purchase either Set Boxes or our 24/7 Cookies. Our products can all now be viewed from the single Shop page. For people who liked the old layout, you can still access Set Boxes or 24/7 Cookies on their own page.

Out of stock Cookie products are now clearly displayed & will be shown last on the collection pages.

Finally, we've added the ability to filter products on the shop & collection pages. Only interested in Brookies? No problem! Simply open the filters tab & disable all other product types to filter everything else out.

Ordering in advance / preorder your Cookies! 😱😱

We get tons of requests to order in advance but unfortunately up to now this wasn't possible with our old website. However, we've now added new features to allow preordering of our 24/7 Cookies - you can currently order up to 90 days in advance while we are testing this out.

We hope that this will make your life 100x easier so you can preorder your Whole Cookie Pie for special occasions without needing to go on the website the same week.

Not all products can be ordered in advance as flavours & combinations can change on a weekly basis, but we are working hard to improve the amount of products we have available at all times.

Add a gift note

Another very popular request is adding a gift note to your order. You can now do this at the Cart. Just enter your gift message into the relevant box & we'll take care of the rest!

Mobile App

When visiting our new website on a mobile phone or tablet, you now have the option to 'Add to Home Screen'. This will install the website as an app on your phone so you can quick access to all the Cookie goodness! More to come on this in future.

Flexible Products

Certain products are now available for customisation. E.g. our signature Hot Cookie Dough Trays can be customised to select your 2 favourite flavours. Which flavours will you choose?! We will be expanding this where possible in future.

We hope that you love the new website & enjoy the new changes. If you spot anything out of place, please let us know via our Contact page.