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Biscoff Lovers Box

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Do you LOVE BISCOFF?? Then this is the box for you!

Our Biscoff Lovers Box contains:

1 x A heart-shaped white chocolate chunk Deep Dish Cookie, stuffed & topped with biscoff spread and topped with a Lotus Biscoff Cream biscuit

1 x White Chocolate Biscoff stuffed Crumb Cookie Bar

1 x Milk Chocolate Dairy milk stuffed Biscoff Cookie Bar

1 x Biscoff Rocky Road (not suitable for vegetarians)

1 x White Chocolate & Biscoff Cream biscuit Cookie Pie Slice

1 x Milk Chocolate Biscoff Brownie Cookie Pie slice 

2 x Liquid Chocolate Dipping Pots (1 x Biscoff Speculoos & 1 x White Chocolate)


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