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Clever Cookie was born in November 2019, but was only meant to be a hobby for myself as at the time I had an 18 month old baby girl. I was desperately looking for something that I could rediscover myself in after becoming a mum.

I set up a Facebook page to offer Cookies locally as noone in my local town did this and there was a gap in the market.

My husband and I would spend our spare time working on building our brand & product range and began to envision what Clever Cookie could become. We were really keen on having a brand that would make us stand out in the market and set us apart from others. Even though we didn't know the potential of Clever Cookie and whether it would be successful or not, it was fun at that stage thinking of the general brand concept and I would like to think that it has helped contribute to get us to where we are today.

Within the first 6 months, we gained a lot of local custom & a loyal customer base from our social media channels, Facebook selling pages & doing local markets. The markets proved to be successful as we sold out each time and people were coming specially to see us.

As the demand for our yummy cookies grew, we created a dedicated bakery within our own home during the lockdown. This enabled us to supply more postal customers - working around the clock to make enough but running happily off of your positive feedback & the love that was given back to us.

Prior to Clever cookie, I had no previous experience in the baking industry, meaning there was a huge learning curve, but I was determined to do everything in the correct manner and set up Clever Cookie as a professional business. There's been many a time that I burnt cookies or dropped a whole cookie pie on the floor when I first started but persistence paid off to make the products what they are today.

I also have a vivid imagination and every week I would be making a new flavour or creating new ideas that noone else had done before. I found this very enjoyable, having free reign on a product range of new ideas that people can enjoy.

Starting Clever Cookie has given me a sense of purpose and achievement again. I have put in the long hours and work but I can only thank our customers for making CC what it is today!

We've since invested in a commercial unit which has allowed us to expand further, growing our cookie team & upgrading to better equipment. Not only that, but we've gone back to our roots & opened up a Cookie Counter where locals can get their cookie fix!

Our aim over the next few years is to expand further & bring our luxury cookies to even more households. We want to make it easier to buy our products but most importantly, we want to make sure the quality never drops and they always keep the 'baked at home' feeling.

We look forward to the journey ahead & hope you join us along the way!

Amy 🍪 ❤️